Sunday, 6 September 2009


God, I am so ILL :(
I still think it's the iron thing. I've been feeling sick for ages, and this morning I threw up a nice big pile of bile. By this morning I mean about 5 am. Dad loved it, he was woken up. So was Lorraine, but apparenty she was already awake, so it's all good. Been feeling reeeally sick ever since too. Yay. I told mum this. She sorta glanced over, made a vague, non-commital sound and carried on watching the news. So nice to know I'm cared about.

Well I am by one of my parents to be fair. When I was done vomiting dad bought me a glass of water and a bucket and sat in my room until I was asleep. He even held my hand so I knew he was still there. Rosie the dog felt like she wanted to be a part of the moment and put her paw on top of the pile of hands. Then she settled down on the end of my bed. She's lovely. I love that dog. :)

Oh, faceborg does "fancheck" now. Unfortunately, faceborg dislikes uploading any of my pictures, so here it is here.
Interesting stuff. Well done, Hazel. You numba 1! =D

I'm seriously going to be sick. I mean it. The back of my throat feels like it's burning. Might go sit in the toilet for a bit...

...well that was fun. Just sat in my toilet and retched quite violently for a bit. My body was gettingf all angry, it wanted to be sick, but it just wasn't man enough to do it....
what a pussy.

You all needed to hear that, blatantly.

Dani, if you're reading this tonight, expect a phonecall tomorrow, I may not be going in.
First day back is always the good day of the year, everyone missed each other, everyone's back with their shiny new things. By the second day, the novelty is gone, noone cares anymore, and it's just a new day. I'm going back to the loo for a bit...
..still nothing. Well this really is a load of fun.

aaanywho, lets do O now, so I don't need to keep telling you guise about my bathroom breaks.

Oasis - Wonderwall
(it was stop crying your heart out for a while, but the local police edited that song as the backing song for a young girl meeting a paedophile, and it kinda ruined it for me. Apparently it's a true story, and the girl was brutally raped. That song was a pretty bad choice if you ask me. 'oh, stop crying about your violation, you silly girl, it'll be okay if you stop moaning.')

Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya.
(One of my favourite songs ever. This bloke got famous via youtube, and he's excellent. It's the best cover of anything I've ever heard. His real name is Matt Weddle.)


dani said...

i am seriously disappointed that i'm not beating barry.

Catherineey said...

haha, how come?

Hazel said...

Oasis - Wonderwall


wooo I'm beating Dani! achievement and a half, that.
also, why didn't you acquired more iron supplements as soon as you ran out? what with the whole, still needing them and everything?

Catherineey said...

mum asked the doctor today. The doctor begrudginly gave me an extra month...yeah, it is gay.
Cause I have a blood test tomorrow at 2.10. Just to make sure.