Saturday, 26 September 2009


I went to North Wales for the week with 2 English teachers and 15 other pupils. This was nice, I got on with pretty much everyone actually, and that was nice. I won the "ginger wanabee" award, and the professional poets and teachers (and a few of the students) really liked me poem. My mum didn't so much, but I can understand that.

The Embrace When I was young, I would find them sometimes, standing at the top of the mountain of stairs hugging. I would feel left out, and my little hands would clutch at their legs. I wanted to be a part of the moment; but I ruined theirs instead. He would march off. She would smile, absently, and ruffle my hair. Today I have to sense to leave them to their moment. They stand at the top of a shrunken hill. I watch them from a distance: She clutches his waist. His arms hang limp by his sides.

Actually pretty happy with this. This is unusual for me. :)

Anywho, here's a series of photos
you can't see it, but Will's put a crab on his crotch. The joke is: "Will's got crabs". It was very funny :) Harry looks really impressed, no jokes.

Will liked to steal my camera to take pictures of everyone's arses. There was a series of butts that followed this picture. I won't put them up here. But they are on facebook, if you really want to see them...

The hoodie was infamous. Will looks better in it that I do.

Elenid was cold. I gave her my hoodie. Will kept going to give her kissed and cuddles, then realising she wasn't me, then stopping in his tracks, then being all "stop confusing meee!! D:" I lol'd. wouldn't have lol'd so much if he'd realised afterwards tho :P

This just looked poetic, and proffesional. It was then followed by this:
They went swimming in the cold, cold river. It was a race across. Will won. Andy got annoyed and splashed him. They had a conversation about cold bollocks for a while. To be fair, I would have joined them, but I was wearing white underwear, and no way in hell was I going see through.

Overall: good times.

(I'll do P some other time, peoples)