Thursday, 29 January 2009

Im'ma be vain nowsies.

Kay, I'm gonna be arrogant nowsies.
I had this photoshoot day a while back, I (by I, I mean mum) bought a load of photos from said photoshoot, and it was lush. They all thought I'd modeled before and said I should send off a portfolio to agencies and stuffs, I have been told that that stuff was just to boost my confidence...but it was still nice to hear.

Aaanywho, the photos arrived (after like, forever) and mum sent them back cause she wasn't happy with them, then they came back telling her she was gutted.

I didn't see the problem, but apparently they'd cropped off half my head or something...? aaaanywho, I didn't dislike the cropping in photos like this one.

That was one of the bestest ones. Mum also got her photo taken lots too, and she was all shy and sweet. Then we went late night shopping and then we went to pizza hut and Mr Cole (this very religious history teacher at my school) was there with a woman. :O

A few weeks later in school Mr Cole asked me if it had been me in pizza hut, and I said yes. He ranted for a bit at the lack of cheesy bites and tomato sauce and I agreed (it was a pizza place, how was there no cheesy bites or tomato freaking sauce?!?!?!11one) then he felt the need to explain to me that the woman he was with just just a friend, and it was funny cause he didn't have to answer to me, a lowly student (but he WILL have to answer to Jesus).

Still, you gotta love Mr Cole, he was my history teacher in year 8 and he made us sing "always look on the bright side of life" one day when we were all a bit tired, good times.

That's a blatant lie, year 8 was possibly...nope, scratch that, definately the worst year of my life what with my parents splitting up, me telling my only friend how upset I was about this, her not caring, then a week later telling me I was boring cause I was upset about my parents divorcing, her making friends with other people then spreading a hella load of roumers about me so that I could be totally alone too. Ohh, I hate her so much. (:

But still, Mr Cole's lessons were good.

We only got 4 minutes to save the world.

Did I just name this blog after a MADONNA song?
I mean, MADONNA!?!
She is worse than the pussy cat dolls, at least they are not halfway to 100, I mean she jiggles her what were once lovelies but are now old lady bits whiile wearing a leotard.
Dani just said "BLOG" loudly infront of Cowton, this site will be filered this time tomorrow I bet you.
Well done dani. *glares*
I turned around and glared at her.
Yes, we can go home now, Dani.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cha cha cha

So it's been like, what? a few hours?
I'm a typing up my intoduction for my english literature essay, trying to make it sound all pretentious and smart.
Here's what I've done so far, what'da think?

How did each of the main women in Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” and Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” affect each of the protagonists: did they ultimately cause their demise or were the women just pawns in their schemes for revenge?

It has been said by a number of various literary critics that the main women featured in each of my novels of focus: core text “The Great Gatsby” and partner text “Wuthering Heights” were the villains. A quote to support Daisy from Gatsby being portrayed as this is: “Fitzgerald shows contempt towards the women characters in The Great Gatsby. He uses the women as temptresses, and they are always doing something wrong. For example, Daisy constantly spends Tom’s money, while she only stays married to him because he makes her feel safe. While Tom does cheat on Daisy with Myrtle, Fitzgerald still makes it seem like Daisy’s fault.[1] But just how accurate is this interpretation? Were the women merely scapegoats to explain the protagonists’ downfall? In this essay, I will be looking at both sides of the argument, evaluating at the end the answer to the question I believe to be correct.

[1] (website)

I think I need to work on this quite a lot especially the "I will be looking at both sides of the argument, evaluating at the end the answer to the question I believe to be correct." bit. I just typed that like 18 seconds ago, so I will inevitably change it in the next 10 minutes or so.

Kay, This photo formatting is the shite-ist I've ever had the misfortune of coming across, so I'll edit up a collage later instead of posting pitures together in a group.


Let's see how much I can write in 3 minutes?
I type slow, so not much
I didn't even finish one Bacchae analysis page in this free, gosh.
I'm up to the seventh one, seven of thirteen.
I type soo slow, this room just emptied, people have gone to get busses
I have to walk home after work, on my own in the cold and dark.
If I do this in 5 years time in Monmouth I'll be raped.
Monmouth is becomming worse and worse by the day, it used to be lovely and crime was unheard of, now there are muggings and stabbings. This all happened in the space of 5 years.
Bell, gotta go, Byeee (:
1 week to go, bitches til I can driiiiive (:

Monday, 26 January 2009


Okay, I am still ill (weep for me minions!)

And I have 8 days to go til I am officially 18.
18? that's a lie, I'm going to be 17.
Roxie is going to be 18, I am going to be 17, what an idiot I am, I cannot count past 16.

I have a burned hand: mum has these new saucepans, without plastic handles, and well, I made the mistake of forgetting the absence of the plasic handle and when I went to pick it up I swore (loudly) and threw it down, making most of my tomato and basil soup go all over the hob (which I cleaned up, cause I'm nice, dispite being ill and having left most of the skin on my left hand on the saucepan handle)

*complains more*

Later, bitches.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


I am the illest I have been for a long long long time, and it's not nice and I am dyyyyying.
There is pain everywhere. :(

This is late: Swapsies Thursday.

Swapsies Thursday, not THAT brings back fond memories.
Okay, so it wasn't that long ago, only last thursday (last thursday being 22nd Jan).

It came about when myself and Dani were sitting in Henry's cafe. It was soup tuesday, (the 20th..?) only I didn't have soup because as a rule I don't tend to like coliflour soup, and it was brocoli and coliflour soup, so I had chips instead, but they came in a soup bowl, so it was fine (don't panic guys)
Aaanywho, Danielle voiced some thoughts/worries of hers that I had also been thinking about as of late, and I was quite glad she brought them up, so I could talk about them, if I had brought up these fears/thoughts/worries, I would have worded it wrong, and I'd probably end up digging myself a hole and being pushed in it.
These fears/thoughts/worries were that we were kinda drifting as a group...well yeah.. I know what I mean here, partially because of the workload or boyfriends (I don't have a boyfriend, but everyone else does, I have work instead...arn't I lucky?...I don't get a life cause I am ALWAYS at work. ¬_¬).
Okay, sooo we realised we'd been drifting as we used to (by used to I mean when we were in year 11) we used to do crazy stuff, this being all new year (which we failed) electro twins and a goth slut, dinner party in a field, soup raves on a weekly basis, giving fruit to random hoolies, etc on a regular basis, and we would all make time for each other and stuff to do this, but recently, we hadn't.
Soo we decided, as it was January, to make it a policy to do at least something crazy like this at least once a month.
We decided to swap for a day. This being we would swap clothes, she would straighten her hair, and I would curl mine (I think I'll do this more often) We would also attempt to swap personaltiies, but this failed as everyone thought we would exaggerate all the annoying traits, and end up offending each other (most probably myself annoying Dani)

On Friday dani didn't wear her coat (that I'd been wearing on swapsies day), and I am worried it is because it looked bad on me, and she thought it looked bad on her, which it doesn't, it just didn't suit me, but it looks lovely on her....

Aanywho...I shall edit this and upload a before and after photo later.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Classics Rant

Okay, I'm not angry, just peeved.

I took this lush subject for AS level, right? Called classical civilisations, this course where we get to learn all about ancient Grecian plays, which are lush cause there is loads of rape, pilaging, suicide, murder, blood, guts and gore. And eyeballs. (:

And what was even better is there were two actually quite nice teachers doing it:
Mr Green, (Greeny) who is funny and makes his lessons intresting. He also taught me in year 7 and my dad jumped on him in a car park at 8 o clock on a saturday night to quiz him on the new classics course, while I sat in the car wanting to disapear, he now takes the piss out of me at every given opportunity (even more so in the 5/6 long years he's known me), but it's okay now because I know if he annoys me too much, I'll just set my dad on him to rant about how much he likes comedies when we are actually studying tragedies (because
rape, pilaging, suicide, murder, blood, guts and gore. And eyeballs isn't usually funny.)

Then there is Mrs Porter (er...Porter, imaginative, I know.)who was my history GCSE teacher, who is really maternal and lovely and always wears reeeally nice clothes.

Aaaanywho, this lesson was actually my favourite subject, and I even had a little "classics crew" thing going on there, there was me, Dannio, Barry, Aled, Harri and Mike and we had a good time.
Then in came the work load, we have 9 lessons a fortnight and in EVERY SINGLE lesson we get either
a past paper, an analysis of a play, an essay, and essay plan or whatever else they can concuct for the sheer hell of it to make us do.

I mean seriusly, I don't understand how someone with free weekends can keep up with the work, let alone myself who works every saturday and dramas every sunday.

Good god, I am drowning in a sea of essays and Oedipus.

It does have it's plus side, they throw parties sometimes and we get to dress up as ancient Greeks, the picture is of Dani (left) in her toga, and myself (right) in my nymph/mycaenean outfits. (: ---->

Catherine out.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

I feel like dancin'

I reeally should have taken my camera to big eye today so I coulda shown you bad (or good/neutral) boys (girls, heshes, whatevers) what we get up to at big eye, but the battery was dead and I forgot to charge it, so apologies.
Also Hazel wasn't there today, and it's not the same without Hazel, so I didn't take my camera, get over it, by-atches.

Aaaanywho, yeah, I went to big eye today, and we were preparing for a dance competition.
There are three dances going on, I'm in two of them.
The first is to the music of Rianna's "Disturbia", personally I dislike the song, but the dance is cool, it's all jerky and quirky and puppetey.
The second dance is Katy Perry's "Hot 'n cold" and it's a comedy dance, literal dance, you see. We have to fall on the floor and have heart attacks.
The one I'm not in is Alenah's solo...I'm not in that cause it's Alenah's solo, and if I was in it it wouldn't be a solo, doy.

G'day maties.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I have to post new posts to get the preceeding post posted, and this sucks because the blogs that I write and then click don't post when I tell them to post (right away), and what is up with that?! :(
I am an impatient crazy person, damnit.
Damn you blogger, to helllll *shakes fist*

Ramblings that occur on 7th January 2009

I wrote to this earlier, while I was at school, and I'd taken a computer in the 6th from computer room and I was all proud of myself because I was writing to my blog at school, when I was meant to be doing work, but I didn't feel too guilty cause there were 2 computers free and the computer I was on didn't have an operational space key, you had to bang it hard (heheheh, in YOUR endo) to get it to work, so people who needed to do work could do work, and I wasn't being a mean selfish twonk.
But then it didn't save.
My ramblings. Did not save.

God has decided to pick on me today, he's throwing loads of bad luck my way to see how I cope, and it ammuses him if I don't.
That's defiantely what's happening.

I need to get me head in the game, nan.
"nan"? didn't mean "man" at all there.
Bloomin' typos.

Okay so NEXT new years resolution.
Get up no later that 7.30. Aim for 20 past, that way I'm less likely to be late for school every morning.
Tonight, I'm going to wash and straighten my hair, so I don't need to do it tomorrow morning, but I'm still going to get up at 20 past 7.
7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20
20 PAST 7, Catherine.
(I'm trying to hypnotise myself)

Nat linked me to a song today, I thoguht it was going to be stupid, but it's actually thebest song ever.
It's called "Jizz in my pants" by "The Lonely Island" and I loves it, cause it's a song about making Jizz in someone's pants, at totally radom things, like opening windows, alarm going off, eating grapes.
It's funny. (:
I'm very immature, my newest look on lookbook says so, or I say so and put this on lookbook.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ramblings that occur on 6th January 2009

Err...yeah...I totally got this blog thingy cause I was told to. (:
My new years resolution is to be more assertive...I think I'm failing (Y)
It's all good though, cause I've been reading Tara Palmer Tomkinson's book on how to be a "naughty girl", so with any luck by the end of the year I'll be this awesome little vixen-ey whore.
Or not....but y'know..

But my other two resoltuins were to work out (so as I can get a phit bod-ee matieeee), and eat healthier (I consume WAY too much junk)

I'd actually been doing quite well with the eating healty thing, but first day back at school, and I ate a load of chocolate and some hob-nobs when I got in from school and then work.
But believe me, it's a hell of a lot better than what I used to eat.

Also I need to get good at acting in 2 months...Eeep
2 months to the practical exam....I hope the examiner won't be a COMPLETE sexist bitch this time.
Seriously, all the boys got WAY higher than any of the girls.
The sick paedophile was likin' a bit o' the boys, methinks.
she was like 100 years old too.