Sunday, 25 January 2009

This is late: Swapsies Thursday.

Swapsies Thursday, not THAT brings back fond memories.
Okay, so it wasn't that long ago, only last thursday (last thursday being 22nd Jan).

It came about when myself and Dani were sitting in Henry's cafe. It was soup tuesday, (the 20th..?) only I didn't have soup because as a rule I don't tend to like coliflour soup, and it was brocoli and coliflour soup, so I had chips instead, but they came in a soup bowl, so it was fine (don't panic guys)
Aaanywho, Danielle voiced some thoughts/worries of hers that I had also been thinking about as of late, and I was quite glad she brought them up, so I could talk about them, if I had brought up these fears/thoughts/worries, I would have worded it wrong, and I'd probably end up digging myself a hole and being pushed in it.
These fears/thoughts/worries were that we were kinda drifting as a group...well yeah.. I know what I mean here, partially because of the workload or boyfriends (I don't have a boyfriend, but everyone else does, I have work instead...arn't I lucky?...I don't get a life cause I am ALWAYS at work. ¬_¬).
Okay, sooo we realised we'd been drifting as we used to (by used to I mean when we were in year 11) we used to do crazy stuff, this being all new year (which we failed) electro twins and a goth slut, dinner party in a field, soup raves on a weekly basis, giving fruit to random hoolies, etc on a regular basis, and we would all make time for each other and stuff to do this, but recently, we hadn't.
Soo we decided, as it was January, to make it a policy to do at least something crazy like this at least once a month.
We decided to swap for a day. This being we would swap clothes, she would straighten her hair, and I would curl mine (I think I'll do this more often) We would also attempt to swap personaltiies, but this failed as everyone thought we would exaggerate all the annoying traits, and end up offending each other (most probably myself annoying Dani)

On Friday dani didn't wear her coat (that I'd been wearing on swapsies day), and I am worried it is because it looked bad on me, and she thought it looked bad on her, which it doesn't, it just didn't suit me, but it looks lovely on her....

Aanywho...I shall edit this and upload a before and after photo later.


dani said...

so many things to comment on
must resist urge to correct spelling of cauliflower
too late
also it was because i saw a photo of purple coat and was like 'awwwh, purple coat!' and yeah
also i have before and after photos, youll probably be wanting those
also i need to post a post about this dont i
also i tried to make meringue and failed
also this is just becoming like a list of things that have happened in my life
also you left me today for my free and it was just going to be me and tom because jake has a broken ankle and aled went home but the Ls and Caitlin had a cancelled lesson so we spent it spinning around in circles
also nat killed captain shinyears friend
also hi