Monday, 19 January 2009

Classics Rant

Okay, I'm not angry, just peeved.

I took this lush subject for AS level, right? Called classical civilisations, this course where we get to learn all about ancient Grecian plays, which are lush cause there is loads of rape, pilaging, suicide, murder, blood, guts and gore. And eyeballs. (:

And what was even better is there were two actually quite nice teachers doing it:
Mr Green, (Greeny) who is funny and makes his lessons intresting. He also taught me in year 7 and my dad jumped on him in a car park at 8 o clock on a saturday night to quiz him on the new classics course, while I sat in the car wanting to disapear, he now takes the piss out of me at every given opportunity (even more so in the 5/6 long years he's known me), but it's okay now because I know if he annoys me too much, I'll just set my dad on him to rant about how much he likes comedies when we are actually studying tragedies (because
rape, pilaging, suicide, murder, blood, guts and gore. And eyeballs isn't usually funny.)

Then there is Mrs Porter (er...Porter, imaginative, I know.)who was my history GCSE teacher, who is really maternal and lovely and always wears reeeally nice clothes.

Aaaanywho, this lesson was actually my favourite subject, and I even had a little "classics crew" thing going on there, there was me, Dannio, Barry, Aled, Harri and Mike and we had a good time.
Then in came the work load, we have 9 lessons a fortnight and in EVERY SINGLE lesson we get either
a past paper, an analysis of a play, an essay, and essay plan or whatever else they can concuct for the sheer hell of it to make us do.

I mean seriusly, I don't understand how someone with free weekends can keep up with the work, let alone myself who works every saturday and dramas every sunday.

Good god, I am drowning in a sea of essays and Oedipus.

It does have it's plus side, they throw parties sometimes and we get to dress up as ancient Greeks, the picture is of Dani (left) in her toga, and myself (right) in my nymph/mycaenean outfits. (: ---->

Catherine out.


dani said...

It still isn't as bad as welsh, tardling, it still isn't as bad as welsh.

shiiit, I have two subjects that do that now.

crikey, I'm screwed.

Catherineey said...

Y'are a bit...