Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ramblings that occur on 6th January 2009

Err...yeah...I totally got this blog thingy cause I was told to. (:
My new years resolution is to be more assertive...I think I'm failing (Y)
It's all good though, cause I've been reading Tara Palmer Tomkinson's book on how to be a "naughty girl", so with any luck by the end of the year I'll be this awesome little vixen-ey whore.
Or not....but y'know..

But my other two resoltuins were to work out (so as I can get a phit bod-ee matieeee), and eat healthier (I consume WAY too much junk)

I'd actually been doing quite well with the eating healty thing, but first day back at school, and I ate a load of chocolate and some hob-nobs when I got in from school and then work.
But believe me, it's a hell of a lot better than what I used to eat.

Also I need to get good at acting in 2 months...Eeep
2 months to the practical exam....I hope the examiner won't be a COMPLETE sexist bitch this time.
Seriously, all the boys got WAY higher than any of the girls.
The sick paedophile was likin' a bit o' the boys, methinks.
she was like 100 years old too.


dani said...

You'm an insanity. Just saying.

ps - tara palmer tompkinson? ew.
pps - BE ASSERTIVE NOW. GO. kthx.
ppps - gimme hobnobs, betch.

Catherineey said...

yes, master. *bows*