Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ramblings that occur on 7th January 2009

I wrote to this earlier, while I was at school, and I'd taken a computer in the 6th from computer room and I was all proud of myself because I was writing to my blog at school, when I was meant to be doing work, but I didn't feel too guilty cause there were 2 computers free and the computer I was on didn't have an operational space key, you had to bang it hard (heheheh, in YOUR endo) to get it to work, so people who needed to do work could do work, and I wasn't being a mean selfish twonk.
But then it didn't save.
My ramblings. Did not save.

God has decided to pick on me today, he's throwing loads of bad luck my way to see how I cope, and it ammuses him if I don't.
That's defiantely what's happening.

I need to get me head in the game, nan.
"nan"? didn't mean "man" at all there.
Bloomin' typos.

Okay so NEXT new years resolution.
Get up no later that 7.30. Aim for 20 past, that way I'm less likely to be late for school every morning.
Tonight, I'm going to wash and straighten my hair, so I don't need to do it tomorrow morning, but I'm still going to get up at 20 past 7.
7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20, 7:20
20 PAST 7, Catherine.
(I'm trying to hypnotise myself)

Nat linked me to a song today, I thoguht it was going to be stupid, but it's actually thebest song ever.
It's called "Jizz in my pants" by "The Lonely Island" and I loves it, cause it's a song about making Jizz in someone's pants, at totally radom things, like opening windows, alarm going off, eating grapes.
It's funny. (:
I'm very immature, my newest look on lookbook says so, or I say so and put this on lookbook.