Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Let's see how much I can write in 3 minutes?
I type slow, so not much
I didn't even finish one Bacchae analysis page in this free, gosh.
I'm up to the seventh one, seven of thirteen.
I type soo slow, this room just emptied, people have gone to get busses
I have to walk home after work, on my own in the cold and dark.
If I do this in 5 years time in Monmouth I'll be raped.
Monmouth is becomming worse and worse by the day, it used to be lovely and crime was unheard of, now there are muggings and stabbings. This all happened in the space of 5 years.
Bell, gotta go, Byeee (:
1 week to go, bitches til I can driiiiive (:


Haz said...

Oh my God..
Catherine on the road.. that thought alone is enough to make me think twice about learning to drive..

dani said...

Isn't it just?! I have to make her a cake in the shape of a car. I'm thinking reliant robin.

Catherineey said...

Mmmmhmm.. I'll be very reliable on the road don't you know?
I'm gonna be 17 in a week (:
Be jealous (:

Haz said...

oh my gosh make a reliant robin cake and you win. at EVERYTHING.

Catherineey said...

reliant robin?