Thursday, 29 January 2009

Im'ma be vain nowsies.

Kay, I'm gonna be arrogant nowsies.
I had this photoshoot day a while back, I (by I, I mean mum) bought a load of photos from said photoshoot, and it was lush. They all thought I'd modeled before and said I should send off a portfolio to agencies and stuffs, I have been told that that stuff was just to boost my confidence...but it was still nice to hear.

Aaanywho, the photos arrived (after like, forever) and mum sent them back cause she wasn't happy with them, then they came back telling her she was gutted.

I didn't see the problem, but apparently they'd cropped off half my head or something...? aaaanywho, I didn't dislike the cropping in photos like this one.

That was one of the bestest ones. Mum also got her photo taken lots too, and she was all shy and sweet. Then we went late night shopping and then we went to pizza hut and Mr Cole (this very religious history teacher at my school) was there with a woman. :O

A few weeks later in school Mr Cole asked me if it had been me in pizza hut, and I said yes. He ranted for a bit at the lack of cheesy bites and tomato sauce and I agreed (it was a pizza place, how was there no cheesy bites or tomato freaking sauce?!?!?!11one) then he felt the need to explain to me that the woman he was with just just a friend, and it was funny cause he didn't have to answer to me, a lowly student (but he WILL have to answer to Jesus).

Still, you gotta love Mr Cole, he was my history teacher in year 8 and he made us sing "always look on the bright side of life" one day when we were all a bit tired, good times.

That's a blatant lie, year 8 was possibly...nope, scratch that, definately the worst year of my life what with my parents splitting up, me telling my only friend how upset I was about this, her not caring, then a week later telling me I was boring cause I was upset about my parents divorcing, her making friends with other people then spreading a hella load of roumers about me so that I could be totally alone too. Ohh, I hate her so much. (:

But still, Mr Cole's lessons were good.


dani said...

things I have noticed:

1. you are actually a ramble.~
2. you just said "but he WILL have to answer to Jesus" and I really hope you were joking, because, yknow, if you weren't, you're retarded :D
3. I was there when he was telling you this. it was odd.
4. you said nowsies twice.

Smaitlin said...

personally i think stinky-poo head will have to answer to Jesus :)

Catherineey said...

It was a joke, but yes, she will (: