Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Snow Snow (to the tune of that zoom zoom zoom song on that car advert waaay back)

It snowed! Lots!
Which is unusual, in lovely old Wales. Normally it snows everywhere apart from my smelly old hometown that about a hundred or so years ago couldn't decide whether it's in Wales, England or it's own little principality. It eventually decided to go with Wales, cause the boss of Monmouth at the time rather quite liked his sheep.
Anywho, the weather. Everywhere snowed, all over Britain. My nan in Essex, us here in south wales, and my cousins up by Scotland. They were complaining they couldn't go to Carlisle tonight. Gutted. Carlisle is a character from Twilight, which I should be reading for English, but I can't be bothered to move.
The Game.
So, snow. School ended an hour early and myself and Danielle took some "nifty" photos

But yeah, did you know that in London they didn't grit the roads and all public transport stopped (apart from the tube, cause it's underground, so not affected). So everyone in London was a lot screwed.
I love how snow is like "Britain, stop what you're doing and be affected by ME!!!", cause it means no school, unless you're my school, in which case they're all: "come in, then I'll cancel you to be inconvientient."
I have this Lush new hat. Here is a picture.

I am going to mention none of these pictures are mine: Danielle took and edited them all. I just love them so I am using this excuse to post lots of pictures.

Aaand I think I'll put in one more, of a snowfight, cause they make gloves soggy, which is fun too.

Ttfn Xx


dani said...

nifty? NIFTY?

yeah, i kind of agree.

ps, you forgot to remind people that its your birthday tomorrow so ill do it for you


Catherineey said...

It is, it was. It was a good one.