Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Freeeeee (minus a Dani :( )

I had the most awesomest awesome dream EVER last night, making my bad mood gone forever! :D

(The following takes place in an indoor play arena such as go bananas or little follies)
In it, I ran away from home (as you do) and who should find me than none other that Jared Leto. Time passed, and we got married. Then I am sorry to say my mother found me. (we were at the TOP of Go bananas :D ) and dragged me home. It was arranged that I spend 6 months in Wales with my mother as I'd neglected to ask for her or dad's consent. However, she randomly decided to let me stay in America with him for the other 6 months of the year. (Woo, adbuction myth!!) Aaanywho, during my Wales 6 months, I met Brendon Urie. I was gutted cause I love Brendon Urie, but I was already married. Long story short: I had to chose, which was perhaps the hardest thing EVER, and I was pregnant with Jared's baby. I'm actually just a 14 year old fangirl arn't I?

To be fair I used to be WAY worse, and I'm don't really think about stuff like that anymore, now it's all "argh! Drama! Can't do drama! Gonna faaaail" or "arggh!! Damn work and their ability to hog all my freetime! D:"

ANYWHO, Back to the present REAL world. Currently I'm in a free, working. Yes, I know, it's unheard of. I'm actually re-drafting my English Essay, which I only got back yesterday. Gosh.


dani said...

your life is madness without me. just sayin'.

Hazel said...

having dreams about marrying celebrities, are you really that sad? oh dear. :P

Catherineey said...

Yes, yes I am
And I stand by the "it was the best dream ever" argument, simply because it was.
I DO have seriously weird dreams that make no sense too, they're pretty awesome. (:

Yes, Dani. My life is madness without you. It is also madness with you, but slighly more without...maybe... (: