Wednesday, 4 February 2009

February 3rd.

I am 17 now, byatches.
Okay, so this is a day late, but i spent the entire day palying in the snow and taking photographs and getting cold.
See how cold I was? It was snowing. SNOWING, but it was all good cause I only posed for a bit and I got 30 hypes on lookbook (*links* ) and I never do very well on lookbook, but this got 30, which is lots less than lots of people, but I am pleased with my 30 nonetheless cause it's good for me. This was a nice birthday present. (: Also, it wasn't just me posing not wrapped up like a bug in a rug, Dani did it too...she was colder than I, I think.

Yes, so 17 now, this means that I am going to be able to drive, however, I need my provisional drivers licence, which the photo hasn't been signed by my from teacher who is never in school anymore cause she's in the theatre/cinema on church street working on the school play.

*cue school play rant*
The stupid school play which I, Catherine, didn't even get in (this is good, I don't have time for a stupid school play anyways hmph) but yes, okay I was gutted about it cause I want to act, but I don't seem to have the fudging (I would say word that starts in "f" and rhymes with "ducking" but if I did that, I wouldn't be able to get on this at school, see?) but yes, my final drama exam is in about a month but all my drama lessons have been cancelled due to the school play.
Woo, I'm looking at a C again. I love getting Cs when everything else is As cause I get my dad telling me that I shouldn't bother dooing what I want to do, I should do accounting cause maths were As or get a job in translation as I got A*s in my language GCSE exams, which is just such jolly good fun.
I love my dad, but he can be highly insensitive sometimes. And he quite clearly doesn't understand women. *sigh*

But yes, Mocos anecdote: went to mocos. Had a chimichanga, couldn't quite finish said chimichanga (they're fookin' massive), mum took the mickey, then bet me a tenner I couldn't finish it, Adam also bet me a fiver I couldn't finish it. Finished it. Threw up in the loo for the whole restaurant to hear. Giggled lots as came out. The End.
That was fun. I won the money, they said nothing about keeping the chimichanga down. (: