Wednesday, 4 February 2009

4th feb.

Day after my birthday, and I'm actually writing this on the right day! :O
School wasn't cancelled today D: but I did get to see all my friends! :D which was nice and stuffs. and everyone was saying "happy birthday" which was nice, even though it was yesterday.
Photo of the day was taken in classics, and Greeny let me wear "the birthday hat" which is actually a replica of a helmet the ancient greeks wore. Then the top bit fell off (which it's meant to do, according to Greeny, when it fell off I had the unmost guilty look on my face), so then Barry (whose real name is Will Baradale, but we call him Barry) took the top bit and put it on his head and we looked like this:
I could not see.

Aaanywho, during this lesson I sent Caitlin a text from Aled's phone saying he was a big girl. (: I am meeeean.
Also in the classics lesson Aled bought skittles, Greeny confisgates these. We offerered him an exchange: he could have some of the cake Dani had made for me (which was shaped like a car, but not by the time he got a look in) if he gave us back these skittles. He agreed and then gave me the Trojan-warrior hat. Woo!
That was the cake. It's the best cake ever. And it tasted absolutely lush.