Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Coursework Rant

I have 2 pieces of coursework (FINAL DRAFT!!!!!1oneone) due in by Friday. FRIDAY. That is two days away.
the first is english, and I have re-drafted and re-drafted that essay and it's still utter shit.
The second is drama and if that's shit then that performance exam I did yesterday won't matter because the coursework is a higher percentage, and it won't matter whether the quality of acthing in the exam was good or not, and I really REALLY tried my best....

I don't want a C again, dammit I don't. D: Or anything below that, thankyou very much.

And what's better, mum is demanding to use the computer. I have ranted 2 DAYS! at her and she told me it was my own fault for starting so late. This is balls, I've been working on Drama coursework for 2 weeks, AND had to prepare for the exam! and this english essay like I said has been drafted on many occasions and I only got it back today to redraft by Friday.


I can totally totally do this. I'll work til late tonight, spend all my frees....2 frees tomorrow working hecktically...on English methinks, so that I can drama it up at home. Then On Friday Eleanor is coming for a few days, so I'm excited about that.

Shiiit, how am I gonna get to Newport bus station?
Where IS Newport bus station?
Dad said he'd think about giving me a lift but the fact he didn't know where the bus station is puts him off..
...he's a pussy.


Hazel said...

ummm.. get a bus? 8-) funnily enough that goes straight to the bus station... :P

and I have lots of coursework too D: HALP

dani said...

welsh coursework HALP also.
...deadline was meant to be, er, yesterday ;D - your dad has sorted it. win foar you.
pps, hazel, no it doesnt :) it goes to a bus stop. because its a tard. :)

Hazel said...

oh yeah, outside the train station.. the bus station is just round the corner tho :P

Catherineey said...

Guys!!!! she was kept waiting half an hour cause the bus got there half an hour early D: