Friday, 8 May 2009

Catherine is baaaaaaack! =D

So it's been several months since I'm posted anything because I forgot blogger existed. I don't know how.
Which is weird because stuff has been happening.
not particularly good stuff, so I won't write about it. I've decided it I stick my fingers in my ears, sing (badly) loudly and stick my head in the might go away...s'fine?

Exams, another matter, but causing somewhat more stress at the moment, are approaching. Halp halp halp halp halp.

Scaryyy. :(

Here's a selection of photos now. Cause They're nice to look at.

This is not me or my friends. My photos folder opened on the "lulwut" folder in my "panic at the disco" folder in my "bands" folder. I am oddly organised with photos. Too much so.
It would be epic if they were ghost busters for realsies.
My brother thinks i'm trying to be lady gaga. I just liked the lightening bolt. My hair isn;t actually this colour. It's a shade of epicginger. Aled's started calling me gingey, said in a french accent. :(
I hadn't gone through my "America" album in a while. And this is Elenid. She has also gone on study leave but for her GCSEs. She's a year younger than me, but I was hanging aroung with her today in second period and I've discovered she's several feet taller than me. It's true, No exaggerations. Honest. I feel like a shortie. :( I kinda miss my natural hair colour. Should I go brown again or continue going red? Red for summer? Brown for start of next term? Dunno. Help me out peeeps.


Hazel said...

I liked your brownyness. But I also like your redness.
I say go back to brown for a while, because you haven't been brown in aaages. well. a while. yeeah.

dani said...

Catherine, you asked this question in school and every single person said red.

...your hair looked good brown, but last time you had it brown you moaned for several years about how much you hated it.. as a result I stick with red. :P

Smaitlin said...

love the lightning bolt face :)

Catherineey said...

I was thinking dark brown...or bleach, then dark brown...I' unno.

I'ma go red one more time beforehand tho :P

Hazel said...

bleach.. then dark brown? o.O what would the point in that be?

Catherineey said...

so I don't go ginger. (: