Friday, 17 July 2009


Yesterday was fun. Hazel came into school, Dani had no lessons, I had one, Caitlin had one. So we had a day of fun.
We went on a Failix hunt, Hazel hasn't had a proper chance to attack him verbally (and maybe a liiiittle physically, the his nuts meeting my knee at a high impact sounds like fun...?) , and I'm too much of a wuss to do it without a proper excuse, and this counts as a proper excuse. Well in our defense he did give two of our best friends weed, steal them, make them hate us, and completely kill off the people we once knew and loved, and replaced them with bitchy dopeheads. Maybe we wanted to yell a little at these bitchy dopeheads too, iunno.
We didn't find them tho, so we gave up on this fun day of bollocks rupturing, and instead sat in the skatepark.
We had climb the skateramp competitions, we failed, apalrt from Nat, but Naitlin didn't appear til later on, so that doesn't count. :)

My Attmept:

Danielle's Attempt:
...Both epic failures.

We are cool. Hazel totally kept her digity all the way through. Oh wait, there was this:
Yeeeah, that was the bestest I could do. I'm stealing these pictures from her facebook. (: Is that cool, Hazel? kthnx :) I loves yu-gi-oh abridged.

Caitlin wasn't there for long, I had to go to psychology halfway through her skatepark visit, so there wasn't much oppurtunity to get some lulz pictures of her. Again, this was the best I could get: her dangling from the uber-ramp.
And when I attempted to get up this way, I got epicly bruised, so I failed in this respect too. *sigh*

goal for the summer: conquer the big ramp.

Okaaays, so then it started raining, we took shelter under uber-ramp and stayed reasonably dry. Hazel needed photos for a bebo task, so she and Dani went out in the drizzle to take pictures of Dani's epic Doc. Martens. I stayed dry...
...until the walk home. There were three squeezed under one umbrella, so we gave up, and just got wet anyways.

Wet is an unsterstatement. The heavens opened, and by the time I got home, it looked like I'd been for a swim in the river, for the lulz. Then mum got home (after me? she started walking before I did, silly woman) and she had wet ancles, and wouldn't stop complaining about her went ancles. I stood there and dripped all over her floor in my towel.

We sang out of tune and loudly though. This is going to be one of the highlights of my summer cause it was hella fun =D

Okays, so musiceyness now?

Hole: Violet
I pity Courtney Love, but I envy her vocal abilities. Ohh, I'm all controvrsial.

The Hush Sound: Magnolia
I love the hush sound, okays? get over it peoples. It's easy listening.

I'm also going to have a Hey Monday mini-rant now. Because they begin with "H" but for some unimagiable reason they have actually been signed. By Pete Wentz. I thought Wentz had GOOD taste in music. Maybe he's not thinking right what with a baby keeping him awake all the time. That's it peoples. I've explained Wentz's madness.
They're shit. Honestly, the vocalist sounds like she should be in High-School-Musical. This is BAD when you are trying to sell yourself as a pop-punk-rock band. . They are compared to Paramore also which annoys me. PARAMORE ARE GOOD. HEY MONDAY ARE SHIT. Hayley can sing, very very verrrrry well. Whateverheymondaygirliscalled cannot. She is a hamster, a nasal hamster. Also, the music itself is boring an unimaginative. Juuuuust like High-School-Musical....


Peace out. ;)


Hazel said...

I think your goal for the summer should be to conquer the big ramp on some form of wheels :P
thatd be wayy amusing :)

we should go singing in the rain more often. somehow i think we're gonna have plenty of opportunities this summer.

Catherineey said...

hahaha, yes agreed. On both of your statements. :)