Saturday, 4 July 2009


So not much has gone on since last post.

Hazel, Caitlin and I slept round Dannio's last night. It was well fun, Dannio has crazy eyelash stripes goin' on on her face, Caitlin had some funky design, Hazel had a bat and I was a bandicoot. We also wore crazy brightly coloured clothes. All was good.

Before that we went to Mocos a mexican restaurant. It's my favourite. I had chimichangas. Next time I will try the chicken one because I always have beef, and the chicken ones looked good too. (: We were'nt dressed/painted all crazily, tho cause Mocos is a nice restaurant. We changed when we got home. 2 outfits in one night people, I feel like Eva Longoria Parker.

I kid...

so the photos are belonging to Dani and Hazel, I'll stick them up here if they stick them on bebo...I need a camera....

so yes. E.
(The) Eagles - Hotel California
it's a timeless classic, and everyone knows it. I don't have it on my iTunes. If my msn wasn't pretty much broken, I would ask someone to send it to me. Woe is me.

(The) Editors - Mucich.

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

I cannot be bothered with the links, because I am tired right now.

Oh I just saw yesterdays One Tree Hill. Hayley asked Nathan for a divorce because Carrie (their nanny for their 4 year old son) got in the shower with him because she has a crush on him (on Nathan, not the 4 year old son...although she is pretty fucked up so if she was in love with Jamie, i wouldn't be suprised and the whole wana-start-an-affair-goin-on-with-Nathan could JUST be an elaborate plan to get closer to Jamie. I got it figured out) where was I? oh yes, And Nathan was all "get the fuck outta my shower, ho." and then Hayley came in and was all "shiiiiit" then stuff happened and she asked for a divorce. I'm gutted, Naley is awesome.
They'll get back together, s'fine. They always do. (: