Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Duuude, you know what sucks majorly? CREW. I jointed CREW. (caring response to everyday worries) What was I thinking? Okay, I was thinking it would be good to put on my personal statement and applications for university and stuffs, but it's no effort. I've been given the "access" kids to work with. Apparently these are the special children, with whom I boost their confidence by doing fun activities like Drama. This actually sounds quite fantastic. (:

But I shall moan now. I had to do a drugs awareness course because of CREW all day today in a boiling room. I died.
I then (while dead) had to help out year 6s at a speech/welsh evening, by telling them their forms and stuff and showing them into the hall. It was hot. I skived by spending the evening outside the hall claiming I was "waiting for the late kids, cause I was one of them"

All day tomorrow, thursday it's the same sorta thing apparently. D:

Friday night aswell, apparently I have to go to a disco. Yays. :(

On with the music-ey ness.. It's the letter D. This is cool, cause we get to start with this:

Damien Rice - Cannonball.
This is beautful. My dad went through a phase of playing nothing but this in his car. It would finish and he'd go "ohh, we like that one" and play it again. Then again. And then again. I never got bored of it though, cause it's lush.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
My dad is actually a really good singer. When I was small he would sing me to sleep to calm me down, because I was (still am) an extrememly hyperactive child, and he had to spend at least half an hour each night psychologically preparing me for sleep. This was one of the songs he sang. *smiles*

Dizee rasc---nooo. (:

It seems all my songs related back to my dad here, hmm. Maybe D is for Dad. (:


Smaitlin said...

damion rice is a little ledgend :)

Catherineey said...

hella yes!