Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I am un-origianal and fun (:

Okay, so I have been following panic at the disco's blog
and it's the best ever. Ryan mostly updates it, and the man is the coolest ever. I did not invision George Ryan Ross to be as witty as he is, but I was pleasantly suprised. He is now added to my "idols" list for purely that reason. Okay, so I worshipped him anyways, cause he was in panic at the disco, and yes, he IS a bit of a slammin' hottie (Yes, Dani, I know, BARRRY, I saved you the trouble, see?) but I digress, he wasn't quite on my list, but now he is. So there. :)

Aaaanywho, I'm going to copy this thing he had going on on his blog, and that was name an artist(s) for every letter of the alphabet and chose my favourite song they wrote? Why, I hear you say? Cause it's cool.

Okay, So A....
Hmmm. A (Ryan did it in reverse order, I cannot do the alphabet backwards, because I do not have a large brain. :( )
(I never use brackets, what's wrong with me?)

[The] All American Rejects ( brackets....oh wait...) It ends tonight. I love this song. :)

Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal.

Roumer has is it Jacko sued them for copying it without permission. This reminds me of the trip to France in year 9, cause Chris Green played it a LOT. Not as much as smells like teen spirit by Nivana, but he never palyed it all the way through, so it doesn't count.

I'm having a little bit of a mind-block now. There aren't anymore I do not think :)


dani said...

AHAHAHA, I remember smells like teen spirit failings! also them playing rape me (nirvana, again) on the ferry. Loudly. and people walking past like WHUT O.O

Hazel said...

umm, your alphabet appears to consist of one letter.

Catherineey said...

There will be other letters for other posts.

and yes, rape me was lulz, although because of Kurt's slurry-drunken voice and my innocence, I thought he was singing "Rate me"