Saturday, 6 June 2009

I not dead =D

So I haven't posted a blog in like, forever. There've been AS level exams, and I do not do well with the concept of exams. Once I'm in the exam room it's even worse and in each one I felt like I was going to pass out. Drama was by far the worst. Note to self. Anaemia plus exam stress is never a good thing. :(

Oh, yeah...I'm anemic, the reason I faint or collapse or whatever is cause I an anaemic. The doctor advised me to quit, cause the anaemia was caused by too much on the go or something, so I am now jobless. S'all good, I now have no money, but I DO have a life. Yay, life.

I've decided to watch big brother this year. Mostly for the lulz, but also because I am more intellegent than the housemates (and non-housemates, they have to earn housemate status this year *fake gasp*) so watching big brother makes me smart cause I know I could win in an argument against them. I have taken instant dislike to many of them already, but the good ones who I've bothered to learn the names of include: Freddie (he is posh and thinks everything is "wonderful", Sophia (she funsized!! :D), Ricardo (he doesn't speak English, and he looks so confused, so he cute!) and I don't care for the rest of them. Well there are a few I don't dislike, actually, but I haven't bothered to learn their names.

But enough about that, I will discuss something that I actually care about now. My school has turned into a disctatorship. The headmistress is trying her bestest to censor free press. One of the local papers "The Beacon" has printed a few letters from parents and students expressing their concern over our shite school. Such as: The lack of the sixth form common room (we have been given a freking stage where we are paraded as a "good example" for the leering lower years), the lack of any shape or form of respect students give to teachers (this was actually written by a random observer, I was happy), the many lies the school has told about it's facilities to keep up appearences (most commonly, the sixth form coffee machiene that doesn't exist), censorship (the paper has been taken away from the school library when letters expressing negative opinion towards the school are printed in the paper), the list goes on an on. So yes, when people started bringing in their own paper, the headteacher writes in to the paper claiming it is: "gravely concerning and unacceptable that the beacon is prepared to publish letters potentially damaging to the school". Yes, miss, because opinions other than your own should NOT be printed! D<Dinner party in a field day. By far the bestest. A list of people there L-R Oliver, Andrew, Becky, Hazel, Louise, Dani, Laura (and me, taking the photo, in my purple pufball shirt, pirate shoes and runny eyeliner)

We also went to the park that day, before the dinner party, here there was me, Dani, Hazel. Laura and Caitlin:

Then there was hereford, where I played ninja in TK maxx, got sent to the naughty corner in H&M, Dani dropped her ice cream and Anne Summers scared m, also we ate regurgitated chicken balls from KFC:

We also went busking in ross and made no moneys. But we did go in one of those kiosh photo things, so we actually made a loss. Dani was doing her all new year at this point, I may have joined in.
then we got home, and I raped Dani. With clothes on and eveything, that's skilled, d00d.

she looks terrified. Bu-ha-ha ha haaaa

I also died my hair red for the first time ever and it looked like this:
and then I went to a gig to see forgotten sleep with Dani and Hazel and it looked like this:
And we looked like this:

Then there was 2008, the epicly long summer where we had GCSEs, but first there was leavers. This was good, we spend the whole day doing nothing. :)

We went to Laura's, and took many photos, there was me, Dani, Caitin, Hazel and, of course, Laura.

there was also exam over party which was in a field, and then a wheat field, with me, Hazel, Dani, Caitlin, Lydia and Laura:

Then me, Dani and Hazel went to the isle of wight, and Dani fell in love with Dean. Or holiday consisted of me and Hazel as the goosberries and Dani and Dean doing stuff like:

Me and Hazel had fun tho, we pun stones on our legs, put a hat on a dalek, ate a bunch of junk and played go-fish
That was good times.
Seriously, I really am not being sarcastic, it trult was one of my favourite holidays :)

Then we went to school and returned books, then loled at the new secorating round the school, especially in the sphink block, this piece of graffitti was quite nice tho

Then I got my hair epicly died, and it looked like this:
Dani's also given me the shiny hat, and I love it. :)

We did loads this summer, it was good. :)

Then we got our GCSE results, and we (Hazel, Caitlin, Dani, Laura, Lydia and myself) were reasonably satisfied overal, I hope
I turned into a seal, that was fun. (:
Best times

Not much has happened yet, I'll keep you updated, presuming I don't fail

Big eye with Hazel, Down by the river:

Alicey day with Hazel and Dani:

I love my friends like a hypochondriac loves blood tests. :)


Hazel said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay :)
Also, did html eat some of your text?

We should make this summer the most epic.

dani said...

i agree. we should.

Catherineey said...

we will! :D

and yes, damn html D: