Monday, 29 June 2009


It is RIDICULOUSLY hot today.
I mean srsly, I am dead. Actually dead. Tomorrow is apparently meant to be even hotter. This will mean EPIC HEADACHE TO END ALL EPIC HEADACHES. I am contemplating getting convienently ill to avoid wanting to die when the head pain becomes too much to deal with. I can pretend to be ill, and just spend the day watching DVDs, and not getting head pain, or go in, get head pain, and have to not go in for the next few days cause of PAIN.

Ahem. So on with the music-postage.

Chairlift - Bruises.
This was on the iPod nano advert, Dani sent it to me, and it's number 25th most played on my iTunes. Is nice. (:

Cobra Starship - Send My Love To The Dance Floor, I'll See You In Hell (Hey Mister DJ)
that's the only full-length version. It's live. Is good. (:
I almost linked you to a chipmunk version. That woulda been baaaad.
innn faaaact, I will, for the lulz. (:

Bet you loved it.

The Counting Crows - Round Here
The soung is beautiful (: But I also like the "Accidentally in love" song they did for Shrek 2, simply because it's Shrek 2. jkphngtrebh;trjbgtrjbgtrjkbgtrjkgbrtk BRENDON URIE COVERED IT!!!!! =D ngrkbg;elbgrklwgbrilgw * Is luuush (:

Peace Out. (: