Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Soo, what can I say ppl? S'bin a while.

I don't know if I've posted anything regarding the panic break up...and I know aages ago I posted a blog saying Ryan Ross was cool, and was now one of my "people I wana be like when I grow up."

Yeeeah, I'mma take that back. He's pretty much confirmed the cocaine roumers by having a thing on his twitter where he's not sure if he got married or not..? He thought he did but it turned out he didn't? ahem, that may work for him, but I don't reeeeally wana go down that road thankyou very much :)

hovever, being a fan of finishing that I started I'm going to continue with this A-Z. So ha. you all gutted. It does keep me blogging regularly-ish guise. Y'all love it.

Soo bands begining with K? hmmm.....

Kasabian - Empire

Kate Nash - Nicest Thing
(It's the one she didn't write, it's lush)

Kids In Glass Houses - Raise Hell
(Catchiest song evar.)

The Killers - Mr Brightside
(I don't get how anyone can dislike this song, it's one of those songs everyone knows and loves).

King Of Leon - Sex On Fire.
(Get this stcuk in your head, it'll be there for weeks).

So...what else is new?
Oh yeah, got a new haircut. Wana see?
The fringe goes off at an angle. S'guurd. I totally copied Emily Fitch from skins. (:
Personally, I thought she was prettier than Effy, but Effy's sexier so I gotta live with the fact my boyfriend has added her to his long long list of girls he has a crush on..
My mother is on this list.

*big sigh*

He's lucky I love him. :)

Speaking of Will, my cat dislikes it when we are on the sofa cuddled up watching The Weakest Link. She sorta cannonballed on us, glared, then stormed off.

You ask how I can tell my cat is storming off or glaring?

I just know, I tells you. I know her sooul. That or she's just very expressive for a cat and subtely isn't her middle name.

Come to think of that, she does not have a middle name. She is a cat.


Hazel said...

I heart your hair. Although I disapprove of who you copied for it.

Catherineey said...

I thankyou, I'm rather happy with it :)

dani said...

kitten is mega-good at expressions, i especially like her 'i didnt do it :)' face, its somewhat like this:
but yknow, kitten isnt happycat.

Smaitlin said...

dude, i saw the little picture on my follow list of you hair and though "wow that person has really cool hair" because i forgot you were getting your hair cut.
that fringe, is amazing :P

also Raise Hell is one of my top 10 life songs :P

Catherineey said...

Appanrently Adam's decided Hamish's middle name is Fatass. He was holding her while he said this. She scratched him and waddled off...

I love her.

Kitten should be happycat, goddamn it.

Raise hell is awesum. (: