Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I fail. when it comes to blogs and posting them, I'm a bit of ...

(woah, how is THIS song on my itunes?)

sorry, a bit of a fail..

(ahh, this song is MUCH better)

Okays, so I'll start from the shoot ages ago where I got a paintyface, and we drew a pretty picture on the drive.
my face itched, but it was fun. Dani wanted her face done, so I got to draw on her. Of course last time she let me draw on her face, this happened:
To be quite honest, I was a little suprised she let me anywhere NEAR her face a second time, but this one wasn't quite a disaster.
that was actually quite nice (:

okays, so then I won the modelling competition with this one, and I was a happy bunny:
And Dani came runner-up in her photography competition with the first picture I uploaded here (y'know...the one with the pretty picture and the mad artist and the paintey-face?)

so I've given up on taking a photo every day, it's not gonna happen, cause I am a failure at commiting to things #be it heart or hospitallll# (I have SUCH an urge for this song, but panic at the disco are currently playing through my headphones, and I don't turn panic at the disco off as a rule)

So there was some time that passed....y'know .. the usual crap, school, work, school, work, internetz, fall asleep on the sofa...get kicked off the sofa by mum who complains there's nowhere to sit (Even though there is another perfectly GOOD sofa a couple of metres away.)

So I'll skip to the next photography/modeling cometition photos
Dani's themes were emotion and fashion. Mine was catalogue. Here's a series of photos Dani skillfully took and edited, and I posed and clung onto charcoal. (: as you can see nothing happens in my life too much other than photos being taken of me.
Oh, I DID have my hair done today. Here is a picture:
I actually rather like it. (:


Aaron KD Bourn said...

*I* actually rather like it,
And I <3 all those photos, although maybe I should credit Dani for this but I'm here now :P
Man I Like this blog a lot. I would love to see photo every day because somehow your photos are kind of a bit magic?
Yeah man! Peaaace.

dani said...

Oh my gosh. A blog post, from CATHERINE?
this is madddnesssssss.

Also, I was about to say that I'm going to do that photo a day thing, but it'd really be quite pointless, because I just won't. But I think we should go take photos more often, definitely.. even if it means vauxhall every week on tuesday..

dani said...

also also, why did you have to post THAT photo? (the one from last year, that is)
rrr ._.

Hazel said...

omg man. don't take photos more often! it'll depress me! D:

dani said...

but but but barnacle bernard's going to waste lots :(

Catherineey said...

hehe, thankyou Aaron KD Bourn :P
Dani does take good photos, thankyou for saying they're magic and alls (:

Yeah, we coould take a few photos during the week, but take a hella lot on sunday. (:

...the game.