Saturday, 14 March 2009

My Camera, Has broken.

My camera broke. I came home from work and mum had just popped out to Hereford (which is an hour away by her driving) and I had no key, because I do not TAKE my key places on a saturday, because I have enver needed to. So I went for a walk. and took some rather quite pretty photos.
Then I found an ideal setting for a self-timer. So I set my camera up nicely, it was balanced, there was no wind. The bridge thing it was balanced on was nice and thick. And what happened? I took a few photos I wasn't happy with cause they wern't quite right so I played around with the settings and eventually found a perfect one, I just needed to not look undead.
and what happened?
Camera fell off the bridge. Into the stream. And I don't get how.
Came home, mum was still out, but had let Adam and his friend in, so I could get in to. I went upstairs and told Adam about it. I was pretty close to tears and what does he do? laughs.
They start having a mock-hissy fit because apparently almost crying is comical to kids with un-dianosed asberges syndrome....I sense a sibling argument coming along.

S'fine, mum came home and apologised for going out without warning me. So I'm not angry with her anymore. I am, however, angry with Satan who seems to be picking on me. :(

It's fine though, my camera is in the airing cupboard to dry it off. If that doesn't fix it, it's probably insured. If not, I'll get it repaired, cause I love it and it can be fixed.
dammit people, it CAN.


dani said...

you're good at cameras >.<

ps - why did you balance it on a thing above a stream? DDDDD:


Catherineey said...

I know, I am awful with cameras
and because it was a good setting, and it seemed nice and thick, therefore stable.
I think I was also half asleep so my brain wasn't functioning.

What have we learned?
Don't take photos after work.
and don't self timer above streams.

Catherineey said...

...It can't be fixed. :(