Monday, 16 March 2009


Hai hai hai.

yesterday I went to big eye, drama worksop extrodinaire, with Hazel, Laura and Dani. I didn't feel like posting a blog about it cause I didn't have any pictures, now I do, and I've got nice little editey ones.
just in case you don't know, from left to right it's Hazel, me, Dani, Laura. I got bored and played aruond with the settings on PSP on a few of the photos. These were all taken by usk river, before big eye, cause we got the bus in early (11 o clock on a sunday counts as early, mmkay?)
I should probably point out that none of these photos were taken by me, I just edited a couple up (rather badly), although the photo above was my idea, and I'm proud.
We also like our jumpey-shot pictures, and this was my favourite of the many we took (suprisingly, it wasn't the one with my monster boxers showing, although that was quite epic, especially after Hazel edited over it in a censorey way)

lulz, we're SUCH posers. I also discovered the "clarify" feature that Dani uses lots on this picture, I'm not too sure it worked too well, but it's clarify! clarify is the secks.
I look happy, Hazeleykins does not. But I know that she was really. I think she was planning to rape my shoulder and got caught, therefore thwarted. (:

Sundays are win, really. (:


Hazel said...

It wasnt your boxers that I censored, Catherine, it was your bum.

And I do look happy! Why don't I look happy? hmph.

Catherineey said...

okay, you DO look happy.

and it was my boxers,dammit woman!

Catherineey said...
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