Wednesday, 25 February 2009


I'm in quite a good mood today.
Well...not today, it started out kinda badly. Winf yelled at me for not going to rehersals yesterday for final piece. I was working, but she thought I'd arranged not to.
however, I have spoken to the other saturday girl and we've swapped shifts for the next 4 weeks, I must remember to let my boss know... I'll do it later I mean when I go into town next thing.
Also, I've re-drafted my terrible English coursework into adeqate english coursework. I am 116 words over the limit, so I'll have to re-draft it again...but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I feel rather sick...oh dear. I probably should have eaten today...I think I did have breakfast though...hmm...

Lunchtime next...this is a good thing, because it means no lesson next. Also: town. =D
Oh, there is the bell, must dash.
Ttfn Xx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Freeeeee (minus a Dani :( )

I had the most awesomest awesome dream EVER last night, making my bad mood gone forever! :D

(The following takes place in an indoor play arena such as go bananas or little follies)
In it, I ran away from home (as you do) and who should find me than none other that Jared Leto. Time passed, and we got married. Then I am sorry to say my mother found me. (we were at the TOP of Go bananas :D ) and dragged me home. It was arranged that I spend 6 months in Wales with my mother as I'd neglected to ask for her or dad's consent. However, she randomly decided to let me stay in America with him for the other 6 months of the year. (Woo, adbuction myth!!) Aaanywho, during my Wales 6 months, I met Brendon Urie. I was gutted cause I love Brendon Urie, but I was already married. Long story short: I had to chose, which was perhaps the hardest thing EVER, and I was pregnant with Jared's baby. I'm actually just a 14 year old fangirl arn't I?

To be fair I used to be WAY worse, and I'm don't really think about stuff like that anymore, now it's all "argh! Drama! Can't do drama! Gonna faaaail" or "arggh!! Damn work and their ability to hog all my freetime! D:"

ANYWHO, Back to the present REAL world. Currently I'm in a free, working. Yes, I know, it's unheard of. I'm actually re-drafting my English Essay, which I only got back yesterday. Gosh.

Monday, 23 February 2009


When I get tired, I get cranky.
This tends to be the time people choose to be pedantic around me, which incidentally makes me more cranky.

For instance, take my mother, I asked her to read over my drama coursework to make sure it made sense, so she made me re-draft and re-draft it until she was happy. I could have finished it an hour ago but nooooooo. Because she cannot possibly sit at a computer screen and read that, she has to have paper. I now have no ink in my printer. Grrr. I have colour, so all other coursework will be submitted in a lovely barbie-pink. ¬¬

Also, you know what's reeeeeeally good? apparently my coursework isn't actally mine DISPITE having spent the entire evening on it. Noooo it sounds too smart because I cannot possibly actually BE smart. I am an idiot who copies and pastes her coursework from a site. Because I commit plagiarism on all my courseworks because I'm too stooopid. It's good to know, really.
Arrrgh. :(

Sunday, 22 February 2009

sorry sorrry sorry sorry sorry

Okay, so I epicly fail at posting blogs, or taking photos every day, so I'll put a load up here cause I'm putting off doing my half term homework (:
So, half term has been good. I'll start with the friday inset day.

We, by we I mean me and 4 other friends and a sweet little sister, went on a Hereford trip. This was good: pretty much everyone else had valentines gifts to get, and they got a little perplexed over what to buy, and I was free of this (hey, being single must have some good points, right?) We came back to Monmouth, Caitlin and her sister went home because their mum was ill. Dani went home to get a train to go see her boyfriend in the isle of wight, and I went to work. It turned out I wasn't meant to be working, I just forgot and got confused. So I came back to find Hazel and Laura and we took some jumpey photos on the pavillion. We failed a lot. This one wasn't fail photo, I just fell over. (:

So that was Friday. Friday evening/saturday morning I travelled to Essex, to visit my grandparents. There were not really any photos to take of my grandma's house. apart from fail mirror shots.Which I can't seem to be able to find. *ahem*. Oh, we went to Colchester once, and I took a picture of a building for funsies. Unfortunately, the light was utter balls so I had to use *shudder* flash.

So I'll skip to Monday. Saturday and Sunday consisted of absolutely, mind-numbingly boring, nothing. (:
Monday was Eleanor's birthday party at go bananas. Eleanor is my oldest friend and we go waaaay back. I was invited to this party at go bananas, which is an indoor play arena where we spent our childhood. It's a monkey/jumgle themed one. Waay better than "Little Follies" near where I live now (I moved from Essex to Wales when I was 9. you see?) and "Little Follies" is half the size and a crappy woodland theme.
Nicola, almost equalling Eleanor to how long I have known her (I don't think she went to the same nursery...we met when we were 4?) was there, and I met her boyfriend, Ben. Eleanor's party was a joint party with her partner, whose birthday was the 17th I think. Their friends were there too, so there was lots of kids I didn't know. So Nicola took care of me. We played sumo, then Eleanor came and joined in, and it was awesome. (:

The next day was Wednesday, I went to Colchester. Eleanor was in London with her partner celebraiting their their bithday. Colchester is possibly the best shopping place ever, apart from the lack of Primark and H&M, but apparently they're fixing this soon, what with a lack of zavvi and Woolworths. *sobbs*
I got a lush batwing top, and Nicola got a batwing t-shirt. Both didn't some cheap so we told white lies to our mothers about how much they cost, so we wouldn't get mauled.
Here was the lookbook picure I took for Nicola.
There were no pictures of me at all that day. Shame, cause I wanted to post what I was wearing on lookbook, but nevermind.

Okay, the day after was Wednesday. The day we came home. Adam befriended a squirrel (well, three squirells) while we statyed there (yes, he was really that bored.) Grandma feeds squirrels and birds, by putting nuts and cornflakes out for them everyday. Adam thought it would be funny to feed them six times in ine morning, so when we left, they would be knocking on grandma's window for more food after she's put out their daily goodies. This squirrel is called Boyd. Don't ask why please. (:

So then we made the six and a half hour journey back to Wales. And before we knew it, it was Thursday. Work asked me to work the whole day Thursday, but I'd already made plans. So I actually said "no". You've got to understand, this is a huge breakthrough for me. I always say "yes" to everyone and everything. I should really have "doormat" tatooed across my forehead, but I like my forhead without "doormat" written on it, so I am vain and will pass on that.
I felt quite guilty really, because my boss had family staying and they'd given me the days off to go to Essex, but I still said no, and intead posed for photos for Hazel's media coursework. This is good for me, becuase I like the idea of being a model, I have been told I'd be good at this so I'm putting together a portfolio: of professional photos I've had done, and of course photos taken from my insanely talented friends. (: Here was the best one.
Hazel is Maria from the sound of music. (: So here is a well-edited photo from Hazel (from the same day.)
I actually love my hair there. I quiffed-it, and clipped blonde in. Also there is a pretty hairband. Laura looked so beautiful, and Caitlin looked very very cool, as usual. (:

I took no photos on Friday, cause I spent it with my dad, in a car que for an hour, then we went to a garden centre and had some lunch. That was lovely. (: Then I had to go to work, and was let out nearly an hour late. (damn regulars who come in at closing time then don't leave for years *shakes fist*) Dad and brother, whom he picked up from his friends by then. Then we went to his house and I saw my grandparents, who I hasn't seen in ages. Ya-ya cried and hugged my lots. (:
Saturday I worked the whole day, so unless you want photos of cups, I don't apologise for the lack of photo of the day.

Now, today I don't have the photos yet (dani has them) and I'll put them up when I do have them (later on today). These are the best ever. (:

Okay, I am actually off to do work now. But I'll leave you with this. My kinda humor.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

horray for blogger

I have no memory stick. Luckily blogger serves a good a purpose as anything, cause I can just C&P work into my blog at home/at school, then C&P it back to where I'm gonna work, see? I'm not just a retard. I am a retard with a plan.
I'm gonna create a seperate blog for schoolwork and stuffs, though, cause a blog people actually follow full of schooltastic essays is going to suck (:
But the dashboard is annoyingly filtered because someone on the blogs I'm following used a swear. Bad whoever it was *shakes fist* (:

Thursday, 5 February 2009

yet another snow day. 5/2/9

School was closed again today (woo!) and myself and Danielle towned for a bit in the afternoon, but the snow was all melty then :(, like the world turned into one big slush puppy. We triedto get some more mid-jumpey shots. We failed a bit: the first one turned out okay, we were both in the air but the rest were fails. This was the best one: I am in the air and Dani looks confused. This is todays photo of the day.

But it was all good, I'd gone out in the morning by myself to take some photos, and I'm putting this one up (below), cause I like posting subordinate photos to photo of the day.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

4th feb.

Day after my birthday, and I'm actually writing this on the right day! :O
School wasn't cancelled today D: but I did get to see all my friends! :D which was nice and stuffs. and everyone was saying "happy birthday" which was nice, even though it was yesterday.
Photo of the day was taken in classics, and Greeny let me wear "the birthday hat" which is actually a replica of a helmet the ancient greeks wore. Then the top bit fell off (which it's meant to do, according to Greeny, when it fell off I had the unmost guilty look on my face), so then Barry (whose real name is Will Baradale, but we call him Barry) took the top bit and put it on his head and we looked like this:
I could not see.

Aaanywho, during this lesson I sent Caitlin a text from Aled's phone saying he was a big girl. (: I am meeeean.
Also in the classics lesson Aled bought skittles, Greeny confisgates these. We offerered him an exchange: he could have some of the cake Dani had made for me (which was shaped like a car, but not by the time he got a look in) if he gave us back these skittles. He agreed and then gave me the Trojan-warrior hat. Woo!
That was the cake. It's the best cake ever. And it tasted absolutely lush.

February 3rd.

I am 17 now, byatches.
Okay, so this is a day late, but i spent the entire day palying in the snow and taking photographs and getting cold.
See how cold I was? It was snowing. SNOWING, but it was all good cause I only posed for a bit and I got 30 hypes on lookbook (*links* ) and I never do very well on lookbook, but this got 30, which is lots less than lots of people, but I am pleased with my 30 nonetheless cause it's good for me. This was a nice birthday present. (: Also, it wasn't just me posing not wrapped up like a bug in a rug, Dani did it too...she was colder than I, I think.

Yes, so 17 now, this means that I am going to be able to drive, however, I need my provisional drivers licence, which the photo hasn't been signed by my from teacher who is never in school anymore cause she's in the theatre/cinema on church street working on the school play.

*cue school play rant*
The stupid school play which I, Catherine, didn't even get in (this is good, I don't have time for a stupid school play anyways hmph) but yes, okay I was gutted about it cause I want to act, but I don't seem to have the fudging (I would say word that starts in "f" and rhymes with "ducking" but if I did that, I wouldn't be able to get on this at school, see?) but yes, my final drama exam is in about a month but all my drama lessons have been cancelled due to the school play.
Woo, I'm looking at a C again. I love getting Cs when everything else is As cause I get my dad telling me that I shouldn't bother dooing what I want to do, I should do accounting cause maths were As or get a job in translation as I got A*s in my language GCSE exams, which is just such jolly good fun.
I love my dad, but he can be highly insensitive sometimes. And he quite clearly doesn't understand women. *sigh*

But yes, Mocos anecdote: went to mocos. Had a chimichanga, couldn't quite finish said chimichanga (they're fookin' massive), mum took the mickey, then bet me a tenner I couldn't finish it, Adam also bet me a fiver I couldn't finish it. Finished it. Threw up in the loo for the whole restaurant to hear. Giggled lots as came out. The End.
That was fun. I won the money, they said nothing about keeping the chimichanga down. (:

Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Snow Snow (to the tune of that zoom zoom zoom song on that car advert waaay back)

It snowed! Lots!
Which is unusual, in lovely old Wales. Normally it snows everywhere apart from my smelly old hometown that about a hundred or so years ago couldn't decide whether it's in Wales, England or it's own little principality. It eventually decided to go with Wales, cause the boss of Monmouth at the time rather quite liked his sheep.
Anywho, the weather. Everywhere snowed, all over Britain. My nan in Essex, us here in south wales, and my cousins up by Scotland. They were complaining they couldn't go to Carlisle tonight. Gutted. Carlisle is a character from Twilight, which I should be reading for English, but I can't be bothered to move.
The Game.
So, snow. School ended an hour early and myself and Danielle took some "nifty" photos

But yeah, did you know that in London they didn't grit the roads and all public transport stopped (apart from the tube, cause it's underground, so not affected). So everyone in London was a lot screwed.
I love how snow is like "Britain, stop what you're doing and be affected by ME!!!", cause it means no school, unless you're my school, in which case they're all: "come in, then I'll cancel you to be inconvientient."
I have this Lush new hat. Here is a picture.

I am going to mention none of these pictures are mine: Danielle took and edited them all. I just love them so I am using this excuse to post lots of pictures.

Aaand I think I'll put in one more, of a snowfight, cause they make gloves soggy, which is fun too.

Ttfn Xx